Why Pope Francis’ World Day of Peace Message is Such a Breakthrough

That Pope Francis consciously chose “nonviolence” as the theme of his message to the world on New Year ’s Day, 2017, is in itself a powerful fact. The Pope unabashedly pointed out that “(Jesus)… taught his disciples to love their enemies and to turn the other cheek. … Jesus marked out the path of nonviolence. He walked that path to the very end, to the cross.”

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Walking into the Future with Jesus, Martin, & Francis

Register now for the PCMDCB Spring Conference on Saturday, April 1, 8:30 am to noon at the Friends Meeting House, 2111 Florida Avenue NW, DC.

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Do Not Resist One Who Is Evil: Questioning Walter Wink’s Interpretation of Mt 5:38-41

In Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination (Fortress Press, 1992) and The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium (Doubleday, 1998), theologian Walter Wink offered an interpretation of Mt 5:38-41 that has been quite influential in the later work of theologians and others writing about gospel nonviolence.

3rd Annual Film Series: Voices from the Holy Land 2017

Sundays at 2:30 p.m., February 19 – April 23. Washington National Cathedral, Perry Auditorium 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC. Free, no tickets or reservations required. Audience discussions will follow each screening.

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Why Do Many of Us Celebrate Violent Death?

“Osama is dead, Osama is dead,” they repeat on CNN, and then people gather outside the White House waving flags, cheering, chanting “USA,” and singing the national anthem. What are the feelings in these hearts? I assume the “killers” of Osama will soon be honored. More “heroes” of violence for our youth to model. Jesus, what are you thinking and feeling?

A Prayer for Syria

From Franciscans International Precious God, what makes you weep? What are the things in this world that break your heart? (silence) Glorious God we pray for the nation of Syria. We ask for your mercy. We pray for children who have lost parents and parents, children. The voiceless, who sleep to the rhythm of their […]

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