From Just War to Just Peace: The Time Is Now

For us as Christians, the most fundamental objection to the just war tradition is that it is incompatible with the teaching and example of Jesus, who showed us how to love and forgive our enemies and who rejected the use of violence even to defend his own life.

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End Drone Warfare Now!

We decry our government’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as the new face of war. 1. DRONE KILLING IS ILLEGAL. Under the U.N. Charter, a member state may use military force only in defense to an armed attack or with the authorization of the Security Council.

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Saints and our Pax Christi Movement

By Br. Steve Herro, O. Praem The month of November is not only launched with All Saint’s Day, but is home to a number of holy men and women of our Pax Christi movement.  It is with pride that I celebrate my membership in the Catholic Church and Pax Christi, fully aware that leaders of […]

Minding the Signs

By Jack McHale I am reminded of yield everyday as I drive. It reminds me of the importance of patience and of waiting. It reminds me of the “other” and that “to yield” means that I can give up my time for you.

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Towards a More Sustainable World

By Sr. Roni Schweyen I will begin with a quote from Thomas Berry, “It’s hand in hand with nature that we will go into the future, or we will not go at all.” In Pax Christi we are searching for ways to bring a peaceful approach to our world. While I was pondering this, I realized that we also need a new approach to our earth – to look at how we can be bringers of ‘salvation’ to the earth.


I. Somewhere, out at the edges, the night Is turning and the waves of darkness Begin to brighten the shore of dawn. The heavy dark falls back to earth And the freed air goes wild with light, The heart fills with fresh, bright breath And thoughts stir to give birth to colour. II. I arise […]

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