The 2017 World Day of Peace Message: Our Magna Carta

Pope Francis’s exhortation on January 1st, 2017, the “World Day of Peace” gives us hope for what is possible. Pope Francis shows us how Jesus lived in violent times and yet he never took part in that violence, but he promoted peace even to his death. In this New Year of 2017 we remain committed to this movement of nonviolence in our lives and in all that we do.

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Walking into the Future with Jesus, Martin, & Francis

Register now for the PCMDCB Spring Conference on Saturday, April 1, 8:30 am to noon at the Friends Meeting House, 2111 Florida Avenue NW, DC.

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3rd Annual Film Series: Voices from the Holy Land 2017

Sundays at 2:30 p.m., February 19 – April 23. Washington National Cathedral, Perry Auditorium 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC. Free, no tickets or reservations required. Audience discussions will follow each screening.

Please Contact Your Bishop

If you signed on to our NCR ad, and even if you did not, we hope you’ll contact your bishop personally and encourage him to read the Appeal and heed it. Included is a sample letter to use as a starting point. Make it your own as you choose. Thank you for all you are doing to promote peace and nonviolence in this Year of Mercy and beyond!

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Beyond Retaliation: A Gospel Call to Nonviolence

President Obama has said: “Justice has been done.” But at what cost? Ten years of war – with no end in sight; hundreds of thousands of lives lost – including 6,000 US soldiers; trillions of dollars wasted – and a military budget that has doubled from $350 billion to $700 billion; torture of prisoners – and no accountability for those who torture.

Conscience in War Resource Kit

This resource represents collaboration between the 50+ members of Christian Peace Witness (CPW) and the Truth Commission on Conscience and War (TCCW) as well as other allies working on the issues of Selective Conscientious Objection (SCO). Each of the sections in this document offers portals to action.

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