NATIONAL GATHERING: Register today for the 2016 PCUSA National Gathering

Just a reminder to register for the 2016 Pax Christi USA National Gathering to take place in Linthicum, Maryland on Friday, August 12, 2016 through Sunday, August 14, 2016.

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Conflict Transformation: A Reflection

In order to retain one’s own wellness, a peacebuilder must also exercise self-care. Situations of conflict can be immensely stressful, so peacebuilders need to know when to step back and take some time for self-care.

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How Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day Inspired the Catholic Peace Movement

The belated surge of public interest in Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, long regarded as occupying the fringe of mainstream Catholicism, suggests the timeliness of their spirituality.

How Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day Inspired the Catholic Peace Movement – Part 2: The Prophetic Witness of Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day’s winding path toward becoming a believer and eventual social justice icon within the Catholic Church inspires many in the Catholic Peace Movement.

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A Prayer for Syria

From Franciscans International Precious God, what makes you weep? What are the things in this world that break your heart? (silence) Glorious God we pray for the nation of Syria. We ask for your mercy. We pray for children who have lost parents and parents, children. The voiceless, who sleep to the rhythm of their […]

Bill Frankel–Streit Speaks at Anti-Drone Protest

We stand on the shoulders of Giants. New Testament language: A great cloud of Witnesses. What kept them going? We can’t be them. We have to find our own source. Be who we are. We get a clue from one of those giants, Dan Berrigan.

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