STATEMENT: Daniel Berrigan, Uncle, Brother, Friend, PRESENTE!

The following is a statement from the Family of Father Dan Berrigan, S.J. This afternoon around 2:30, a great soul left this earth. Close family missed the “time of death” by half an hour, but Dan was not alone, held and prayed out of this plane of existence by his friends. We – Liz McAlister, Kate, Jerry and […]

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How Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day Inspired the Catholic Peace Movement

The belated surge of public interest in Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, long regarded as occupying the fringe of mainstream Catholicism, suggests the timeliness of their spirituality.

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How Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day Inspired the Catholic Peace Movement – Part 2: The Prophetic Witness of Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day’s winding path toward becoming a believer and eventual social justice icon within the Catholic Church inspires many in the Catholic Peace Movement.

Biofuels: Environmental Degradation, Food Insecurity and Violence in Developing Nations Each Time We Fill Up Our Tanks

Today, much of the corn, sugarcane and soy, which once went to food or animal feed, is being used as fuel.

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A Soldier for Christ

As a Catholic Christian, I was confirmed when I was in sixth grade. I don’t remember much about the confirmation although being called a “soldier of Christ” during the ceremony is one thing that did make a lasting impression. It has taken me quite a while to get a good understanding of what I think a “soldier of Christ” should mean. Too many Christians believe being a good soldier, whether for the empire or for Christ, means a willingness to inflict adversity on another rather than receive it in the grace and peace of Christ.

The Hope of Easter and a Disarmed World

Jesus was both a victim of torture and capital punishment. Jesus proclaimed the reign of God and he was killed because the powers could not accept it. But as we know this is not the end of the story. God raised Jesus from the dead, thereby overcoming the forces of evil and death.

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